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Your personal data is sold by online data brokers and advertisers on a daily basis putting your privacy and security at risk.

Don't let your personal information end up in the wrong hands. Reclaim your privacy by using our clever software to expose sites that profit from selling your name, address, phone, email and other sensitive data.

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Data brokers purposely make it difficult for you to remove your information from their websites, often times making you jump through hoops, forcing you to loose countless hours out of your life.

Hire the best privacy advocate professionals and let our team do all the hard work to Remove & Opt Out your data from over 100 public records websites & resellers.

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Our advanced software will sift through over a hundred public records websites searching for your name, email, address, phone number and other sensitive personal data.

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To Our Friends in the Law Enforcement Community, we've got your back!

Being a law enforcement officer is not easy work and it carries many risks. The last thing you want is to bring those risks back home with you.

Don't let the bad guys find out where you live or your family member's names and personal details. Protect yourself and your family with

Just a few reasons why so many people use DeleteRecords to reclaim their online privacy:

DeleteRecords makes it difficult for stalkers, past boyfriends, telemarketers and bill collectors from finding where you live and uncovering your personal contact information such as phone numbers, emails and more...

Our software along with our team of privacy experts submit all of the expungement forms and record seal requests for you so you never need to deal with the high costs of hiring a lawyer to expunge your record from public records brokers and repositories.

Whether you are looking for a second chance at life or just trying to find a way to keep your past mistakes from affecting your future, we can help you suppress and remove your expunged civil or criminal records. We can remove your expunged juvenile records and seal criminal records from public records websites.

By opting out from all popular public records websites such as,,, and similar data brokers our users reduce the chance of having their information mishandled, misreported and abused. Effectively reducing the chance of inaccurate and false data being spread about you and indexed by popular search engines and social media platforms such as Google, Bing, Facebook…

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