How to Opt Out from Background Report 360 in 2021

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Backgroundreport360 is a non-FCRA online background check service that provides information on individuals residing in the United States. Members of the site can access information on any individual, including their criminal history, property records, court records, and personal information.

The website aggregates its data from different sources, including public records, social media profiles, and other public databases. Users can look up anyone with their full name, city, and U.S state to get a comprehensive background report on the subject. While the state search drop-down box narrows down the results to individuals residing in a state, inquirers can retrieve more results with the nationwide option.

Intending users of Backgroundreport360 must register an account to obtain background reports. However, to retrieve results, new users must register and select a payment plan. Payment can be either for a particular background report or the annual membership package. The background report contains the following information:

  • Personal Records: This shows the personal details of the subject of the search, including alias or maiden name, home address history, phone lookup, social media accounts, birth records, relatives and other associates, email addresses, spouse, and roommates.
  • Criminal Background: This report includes the individual's state and federal criminal records, arrest records and warrants, type or class of criminal offense (felonies and misdemeanors), incarceration history, and DUI/other related criminal driving violations.
  • Court Records: Civil filing information, bankruptcy proceedings, liens, and judgments.
  • Property Records: Real property title; property information; phone numbers and other personal details of a property owner; mortgage history; and a list of properties purchased with their current worth.

Backgroundreport360 prohibits users from using its information to stalk or harass anyone. This site also prohibits search requests on juveniles, celebrities, or public officials. Following the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), it is illegal to use the reports to establish an individual's eligibility for employment, insurance, benefits, or personal credit.

It is possible to remove personal information from Backgroundreport360 under the site's opt-out policy. Opting out will exclude the record from background reports accessible to users.

How to Opt-Out of Backgroundreport360

Backgroundreport360 has an opt-out policy that provides anyone with the opportunity to remove their information from the site. Under the FCRA, persons eligible to delete data from the site include:

  • Officers of a federal, state, or county law enforcement agency or public officials whose jobs expose them to the risk of death or serious bodily injury.
  • Victims of identity theft.
  • Anyone perceived to be at risk of physical harm.
  • If the subject of a report has evidence to prove the records contained are false or have been expunged/sealed.

Individuals who fall under the above categories can proceed to have their information opted out from the site. The opt-out process is as follows:

  • Submit a written request. The requester must include the information they want to be removed from the website, where the information is publicly available, their eligibility, and a brief statement explaining why the information they wish to opt-out is false, harmful, or expunged. Written requests must include:
  • The requester's complete name and date of birth.
  • Aliases and maiden names, if any.
  • The current address and former residential addresses of the requester.
  • Phone number and email addresses of the requester.

The written request should also specify the complete details of the concerned record(s).

  • Include a valid copy of a state identification document, like a driver's license, in the submission. This is required to authenticate the ownership of the information and confirm that the opt-out request is being made by the owner of the record.
  • A print-out copy of the reports to be removed should also be submitted alongside the written request.

If there are any relevant court orders, requestors can include copies of them in the submission.

Interested individuals may submit their written requests via mail or to the fax line:

Opt Out Compliance Department

P.O Box 990142

Boston, MA 02199

Fax: (888) 446-1229

Note that only one opt-out request can be sent per individual to the Opt Out Compliance Department. Upon submission, the department will review and process the request. Requests that are incomplete and do not follow the opt-out steps may not be processed by the department.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of Backgroundreport360

It is possible to experience some difficulties when trying to opt out of Backgroundreport360. Typically, the opt-out process is only available to individuals that qualify for the policy's conditions. If a requester does not satisfy the requirements, the opt-out request will be denied.

Opting out of Backgroundreport360 does not guarantee the removal from other public records sources. Any other public records platform can still manage the information on their databases. Also, there is no guarantee that any information opted out from the site will not reappear in the future on the site. Since the site continually collects public records, it may re-aggregate the information on its database.
Difficulties experienced when trying to opt out of the site can be reported to Alternatively, the Customer Support page provides an online form that an individual can fill and submit to make a complaint.

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