How to Opt Out from Been Verified in 2021

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BeenVerified is a profit-based service that allows users to run non-FCRA compliant background checks and access public records with smartphones after paying for access through a subscription plan. It provides people search, address search, vehicle search, phone search, social media search, email search, business search, and unclaimed money search services. BeenVerified uses traditional background methods (methods that involve government repositories of public records) alongside Web 2.0 and internet-based social media sites.

With this service, a user can carry out non-FCRA compliant background checks and public records searches by entering either the name or email address of the person whose information is being sought. BeenVerified maintains a database of public records such as phone numbers, address history, social media, email addresses, education history, employment history, relatives and associates, bankruptcies, judgments & liens, and criminal records.

BeenVerified collects three types of information that are used on the site to facilitate the running of the services provided. This information includes:

  • Information the user submits while:
  • Requesting a service;
  • Opting out a record; or
  • Contacting the BeenVerified customer service with a question, comment, or request.

This type of information can be deleted by opting out of the BeenVerified service

  • Information collected automatically during usage - This information is collected through Cookies. To prevent this, the user may set their web browser to automatically reject Cookies from the BeenVerified Site or to notify them when a Cookie has been sent to their computer and allow them to reject that Cookie.
  • Behavioral targeting /retargeting for ads - Users’ non-personal information is collected through Cookies and Web beacons for third-party ad networks, such as Google. Users can easily opt out to prevent this or visit the YourAdChoices website for more information about this.
  • Information about search subjects provided during a search - Can be deleted when the search subjects delete their records by opting out.

Generally, it is possible to delete your personal information off BeenVerified by manually opting out from the service or by using automated tools, set up by third-party companies to remove individuals’ personal information upon request.

How to Opt Out of BeenVerified

BeenVerified provides a manual opt out procedure for anyone who does not want their personal information to be displayed during background searches and other types of search provided.  Here is a step-by-step guide to how to opt out or remove your account from the BeenVerified service:

Step 1

On your web browser, go to BeenVerified.

Step 2

Scroll down to the end of the page and under "Help," click on "Do Not Sell My Info/Opt-Out."

Step 3

Search the database with your first and last name, and state name. If it is a property search, search with the address of the property, including the number, street, city, and state name.

Step 4

On the search results page, select your record by clicking on the arrow-like icon on the right-hand side of the search results.

Step 5

Complete your opt-out request, by entering your email address, performing the CAPTCHA, and clicking on "Send Verification Email." Your email address is required in order for the BeenVerified service to verify the removal of the record you selected from the search results.

Note that the email address provided during the opt-out process will not be sold or used for any other purpose, without the owner's prior consent. A person that seeks to remove their records from search results does not have to be a member of BeenVerified or create an account before opting out of the search results. Likewise, payment is not required for the removal of your own record from the search results. Unlike when searching for information, which requires subscription payment, it is possible to remove your own record from the search results without having to pay for it.

When an email confirming that a person's opt-out request has been processed is received, the request will be reflected in the search results the next time the BeenVerified server refreshes. Typically, the update takes 24 hours to be effected, and may be prolonged by weekends. After 24 hours, check to be sure that your record has been removed; you may need to "clear your history" in your browser if your computer is storing and recalling information cached before the "Do Not Sell My Info/Opt-Out request". If you encounter any issues, ensure to contact the service by mail at, on phone at (866) 885-6480, or by mail at:


MSC -- 149098

P.O. Box 105168

Atlanta, GA 30348-5168

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of BeenVerified

Opting out of BeenVerified is pretty straightforward and can be done within 24 hours. When an opt-out request has been processed, the system notifies the data partners to prevent them from returning the record that was opted out in future "People Search" results.

However, there is a possibility that a user that has opted out their records still finds their name appearing in search results for the other search services provided by BeenVerified. This may be because the data partners of BeenVerified have unknowingly updated a new record about the former user. In this case, the information may be unrelated and unidentical to the existing, opted-out record, such that the data partners could not identify and conclusively remove it. If you find yourself in this situation, contact the BeenVerified customer service at, on phone at 1-866-885-6480, or by mail at:


MSC -- 149098

P.O. Box 105168

Atlanta, GA 30348-5168

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