How to Opt Out from Block Shopper in 2021

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BlockShopper is a real estate research tool that provides news and market data services to existing homeowners, prospective homeowners, and home vendors. Individuals can search the Blockshopper website to track available vendors and purchasers in their neighborhood, gain market perspective, and study existing real estate databases. People can find information on home sale prices, owner records, foreclosures, comps, and taxes, using the following search criteria:

  • City
  • Zip
  • Neighborhood
  • Subdivision
  • Condo development
  • Block

BlockShopper gets its real estate data from government sources like county assessors, recorder offices, government websites, and county courthouses. It collates news stories from information that is publicly available on the internet.

For home buyers, Blockshopper offers the following:

  • A "For Sale" section, which details homes available for sale in various locations.
  • An avenue for independent research on properties.
  • Comparison of tax bills.
  • A list of recent property sales in the relevant subdivisions, buildings, or blocks.

For real estate brokers, Blockshopper provides an avenue for self and property promotion.

Blockshopper collects the personal and usage data of users. While it may share, transfer, or sell this data with service providers, affiliates, and legal authorities, under certain circumstances, it commits not to sell, distribute, or otherwise market usage data to other third parties.

The personal data collected by the company is used to provide services, contact users, and manage user requests. The company can also use this information for business transfers such as mergers, divestiture, restructuring, reorganization, or dissolution. Other purposes for data collection include data analysis, identification of usage trends, evaluation and improvement of services, and marketing.

Blockshopper retains the personal and usage data of users. Personal data is maintained and used to the extent necessary to comply with Blockshopper's legal obligations, while data usage is kept for internal analysis purposes.

Usually, Blockshopper does not delete public records already published on its website. However, it can make exceptions for government officials, law enforcement and public safety workers, individuals under court protection orders, and individuals with officially documented stalkers or other threats.

How to Opt-Out of Blockshopper

Certain individuals who do not want their personal information sold or appearing in public searches on Blockshopper can opt out of the website. People who fit into any of the categories mentioned in the previous section can contact Blockshopper to explain their situation by email, fax: (314)786-0519, or U.S. mail:

27 North Wacker Drive, Suite 428

Chicago, IL 60606

Law enforcement officers may have to show proof of employment. Also, people under protection orders or who consider themselves to be under some form of threat may have to accompany their requests with documentation like police reports or other types of proof.

On the other hand, users can also opt-out of receiving communications from Blockshopper through the unsubscribe link in emails sent by Blockshopper, or by contacting Blockshopper by email or mail at:

2045 West Grand Avenue, Suite B

PMB 70012

Chicago, IL 60612-1577

Blockshopper does not sell the personal information of users below 16 years without their express consent or the consent of their parents/guardians (for persons above 13 years). Consumers below 16 years who opt-in to the sale of their personal information may opt-out of future sales at any time by submitting an opt-out request via email or mail to:

2045 West Grand Avenue, Suite B

PMB 70012

Chicago, IL 60612-1577

Anyone who believes that a child under the age of 16 has provided Blockshopper with personal information may also contact Blockshopper with sufficient details to delete that information.

Per the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), California citizens have the right to direct Blockshopper not to sell their personal information by submitting an opt-out request by email or by mail to the address above.

Once Blockshopper receives and confirms a user's request, it deletes the information from its website and instructs service providers to delete the same data from their records, unless in cases where exceptions exist.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of Blockshopper

Although Blockshopper has an opt-out feature to remove personal information retained or shared by the company, an opt-out request does not guarantee total removal of a user's content or information because:

  • Opting out of Blockshopper is specific to the browser used by the user. People may need to opt out of every browser they use for better results.
  • The law may not permit the removal of a user's information in certain circumstances.
  • Blockshopper disclaims responsibility for the activities of third-party sites or services with which it may have shared a user's information.
  • Blockshopper may refuse a user's request for deletion if retaining such user's information is necessary for the company’s services or their service providers.

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