How to Opt Out from Cyber Background Checks in 2021

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Cyber Background Checks is a free online search tool that helps look up information about people. Founded in 2019, the website can assist members of the public in obtaining the following non-FCRA data:

  • Criminal records
  • Old and new addresses
  • Old and new phone numbers
  • Social media accounts
  • Family members and business partners
  • Known aliases
  • Email addresses
  • Possible business assets, etc.

An individual may provide a person’s first and last name, postal address, phone number, or email address to use Cyber Background Checks’ search engine. Other identifying details, such as the person’s city and state of residence, can help narrow down results.

Cyber Background Checks captures and aggregates its information from official public records. However, with public records, typographical mistakes, misspellings, and other human errors are possible. Hence, it is better to double-check information found on the website, especially if it is critical to a decision. The website advises against using its information for Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA) purposes such as tenant screening or employee appraisal.

Any person who has their record displayed on the site can request to have it deleted. Cyber Background Checks permits these types of requests as a means of securing a person’s online privacy.

How to Opt-Out of Cyber Background Checks

People who do not want their personal information revealed during background checks may use Cyber Background Checks’ manual opt-out process:

  • Visit the Cyber Background Checks website.
  • Navigate to the end of the page and click “Do Not Sell My Personal Information.” You will be redirected to a page to agree to the site’s terms and conditions.
  • Afterward, input an email address into the space provided, check the captcha, and click the “start removal process” button.
  • Locate the record you wish to remove by entering a first name, last name, and city or state of residence in the spaces provided and clicking “Search.”
  • From the search results, click on the appropriate record to view its details. Then, click “Remove my record.” A verification email will be forwarded to your inbox. Go to your email account to find the email and click the link within it. This link will open a page on the Cyber Background Checks website to confirm the request.

Usually, it takes 72 hours for a record to be removed from the Cyber Background Checks site. After 72 hours, the requester can search to see if the record has been deleted. However, if the information has not been removed, the individual will need to contact the Cyber Background Checks customer service unit by phone (800) 760-1821 or mail:

Cyber Background Checks

Customer service

PO Box 803338

PMB 29296

Chicago IL 60680-3338

Alternatively, fill the “contact us” form on the Cyber Background Checks website.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of Cyber Background Checks

It is possible to opt out of Cyber Background Checks, and it takes just 72 hours. When an opt-out request is processed, the site notifies its data partners to not return the deleted record in future listings. However, a person who has successfully removed a record from the site may likely see their information on Cyber Background Checks again. This is because Cyber Background Checks constantly collects information from official government records and other third-party sources, making it easy for a record to get reuploaded on the site.

Also, although the opt-out phase should generally take 72 hours, Cyber Background Checks may exceed that limit. As such, requesters should check the site to ensure that the record has been deleted. If it has not been removed, the user should call the website’s customer service at (800) 760-1821 to complain or send a mail to the following address:

Cyber Background

Customer service

PO Box 803338

PMB 29296

Chicago IL 60680-3338

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