How to Opt Out from Free Phone Tracer in 2021

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FreePhoneTracer is an online database that aggregates non-FCRA public records and allows individuals to search for specific information in their records, reconnect with lost relatives, or learn about the backgrounds of new acquaintances.

As a reverse phone lookup service, FreePhoneTracer offers an extensive directory containing phone numbers and public information about their owners. This information includes:

  • Name and address
  • Date of birth
  • Possible relatives and household members
  • Other landline or cell numbers belonging to the owner
  • Social media accounts
  • Criminal records
  • Police or arrest records (including traffic convictions)
  • Property information
  • Education history
  • Marriage and divorce records

The reverse phone number tool does not provide call/text logs or a device's current geographical location because such data is not public information. It only focuses on conveying ownership information.

FreePhoneTracer services are free, but charges apply to obtain additional information on a phone number. For example, a cell phone owner's name and address are unavailable for free; only the carrier's details, the phone's location, and line type are provided at no charge. However, the full name and address of the owner of a landline remain available for free.

FreePhoneTracer's mission is to afford members of the public easy access to public data through telephone numbers. However, the website does not provide the following services:

  • Consumer reporting
  • Private investigator services

Also, information procured from the website should not be used to make informed decisions about tenancy, employment, insurance, educational admission or benefits, or any other situation that requires FCRA compliance.

The information available on FreePhoneTracer databases is collected from hundreds of sources, including public records, government agencies, digital phone books, proprietary listings, etc. The website prioritizes user privacy. As a result, all searches run on the website are 100% confidential, and users are allowed to opt-out of the service if they fear that their privacy is at risk or already compromised.

How to Opt-Out of FreePhoneTracer

Opting out from a FreePhoneTracer is a short and simple process. Any individual or company uncomfortable with having their phone numbers and associated information on the website can fill and submit an opt-out form. Then, the information will be removed automatically.

FreePhoneTracer shares a database with another data broker website: PeopleSmart. As such, removing data from PeopleSmart will also remove it from FreePhoneTracer. Therefore, an individual can also complete the Peoplesmart opt-out process, managed by BeenVerified, to remove their information. Typically, the data removal request is processed within 72 hours. Below is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1

Click the PeopleSmart "Do Not Sell My Info" link. This redirects the requester to BeenVerified's opt-out page for PeopleSmart.

Step 2

Select "Do Not Sell My Info" again, then enter a first and last name, plus state (if you prefer), into the search fields to find the record.

Step 3

Locate the listing to be removed and click it.

Step 4

Enter your email, resolve the CAPTCHA, and click "Send Verification Email." to receive a link to confirm the opt-out request. Requesters can provide a masked email for this purpose. Masking an email is a way of altering an email address, so it is not misused or traced back to its actual owner.

Step 5

Open the email that the company sends, click the opt-out link, and wait for a confirmation email.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of FreePhoneTracer

Generally, opting out of FreePhoneTracer is not complicated. However, phone numbers and their owners' information are obtained from public records and as such, may be available through several sources and websites, such as government websites and other data broker websites. In this case, to secure privacy online, the affected individual or company must contact each service provider to delist their phone numbers. This can be a tedious process as FreePhoneTracer obtains public information from multiple websites and repositories.

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