How to Opt Out from People By Name in 2021

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Peoplebyname is a phone search and reverse phone number search tool. The service has a payment plan for one-time inquiries and one-month plans. The search tool on the site allows users to search for people’s information using only their phone numbers. A reverse phone lookup, also known as a reverse phone number search, is a common phrase that refers to searching the Peoplebyname records using only a phone number to find someone's name and address and identify who a phone number belongs and a bit of their background information.

To run a search, individuals can go to the Peoplebyname site and input the person’s phone number in the search tool on the site’s homepage. Individuals may search for numbers that are constantly calling them and spamming them or to get the full name of their business partners. The website shows a list of testimonials from satisfied customers and offers a record of previous searches.

The website has over a million records at its disposal from the US and Canada. The site updates its records daily. The site’s lookup process is fast and easy, and it takes only a few minutes to get the information needed. The site prides itself on delivering precise and correct information. A search on the site provides the following information:

  • The person’s full name
  • The person’s current address
  • The person’s address history
  • The person’s phone number
  • The person’s phone number history
  • The person’s age
  • The person’s date of birth
  • The person’s relatives
  • The person’s background information (when available).

The website gets information from public sources like telephone directories, social networks, marketing surveys, real estate listings, business websites, and other public resources. The site is a non-FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) site. The site allows individuals to remove their information from the site by sending an automatic removal application by filling the form on the site.

How to Opt-Out of Peoplebyname

The Peoplebyname service is a site that makes provision for all the people listed in their database to remove their information from the site. The opt-out process is relatively easy because it only requires that applicants fill the removal application form on the company’s removal section. The following is a step-by-step guide to unsubscribing from the Peoplebyname service:

  1. Go to the Peoplebyname removal section on the website.
  2. Fill up the electronic Removal Form on the site with your information like your First Name, Last Name, Email address, and Record ID(s).
  3. State your reason/reasons for removing your information from the site.
  4. Tick the “I’m not a robot” captcha.
  5. Click on “Request Removal.”

The Peoplebyname removal department processes removal requests in 24 hours. When the process is completed, the site will send applicants a confirmation email indicating that all of the person’s information got utterly wiped from the site. In the event that applicants have any further questions or complaints, they may contact the Peoplebyname customer support department by filling the electronic form on the site or by calling  (561) 990-1279 or sending an email to

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of Peoplebyname?

There are not that many difficulties involved in removing a person’s information from the Peoplebyname website. This is because the site made provision for people to opt-out of having their information displayed on the site. The opt-out process is quite simple and, unlike some other sites, does not require that individuals type out a lengthy detailed application or send in a court order or any additional information of the like. To opt-out of the Peoplebyname service, individuals need to provide only their full name, email address, and Record ID, which shows the exact place their information is listed on the site. Individuals are also allowed to apply to remove more than one record, unlike most other sites. With the Peoplebyname removal application, a person can apply to remove about five accounts at once.

The only difficulty in removing information from the Peoplebyname site is that people may not easily find the data removal portal. In the event of such a problem, individuals may go through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to access the link to the data removal portal. In the case of any inquiries and complaints, individuals may contact the Peoplebyname customer service by either filling the electronic form on the site or by calling  (561) 990-1279 or sending an email to

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