How to Opt Out from People Looker in 2021

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PeopleLooker is a public records search engine that performs non-FCRA compliant name, email, and property searches. The website also provides background checks and reverse phone lookups to the public. With speedy access to accurate data compiled from public records, Peoplelooker allows users to conduct free scans and offers paid plans to access more detailed background information.

Asides from providing information on people, the service also notifies users of any new data that comes to light about a subject they have searched. Peoplelooker automatically alerts subscribed users of such information to enable them to update their reports.

On a standard search, the general data Peoplelooker provides on a subject includes:

  • Full legal names and known aliases
  • Current contact information and known history
  • Current and past addresses
  • Property records
  • Employment history
  • Relatives and acquaintances
  • Criminal records and sex offender information (if applicable)
  • Traffic infractions and violations
  • Social media information
  • Professional information
  • Photos

Additional information on a search will incur extra charges and show the following information:

  • Marriage and divorce information
  • Bankruptcy claims and other court judgments (if applicable)
  • Tax liens
  • Professional and driver licenses.

The PeopleLooker service is generally upfront and transparent about the information included in their search results. Users can run scans and streamline results using the following tools:

Although all information provided via this data broker site is public information, PeopleLooker allows users to opt-out and remove their information from its database through the website or through third-party channels expressly set up to remove personal data on request.

How to Opt-Out of PeopleLooker

According to Peoplelooker's terms and conditions, members of the public that use the service are free to cancel their accounts and membership plans at any time. Suppose users see their information in the website's search results, and they do not want it to keep showing up. In that case, PeopleLooker allows them to remove their data by following specific instructions.

First, they can contact the company at to initiate the opt-out process. Otherwise, they can also opt-out of the service manually by removing their data from the website on their own. BeenVerified, another data broker website, handles the website's manual opt-out process. To opt-out via Been verified, an individual must follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the bottom section of the BeenVerified website and click "do not sell my info."
  2. Input a name and state to search for the personal information
  3. When the search results show up, the user can scroll through the results to find the information related to them. On finding it, click "record."
  4. Input an email address to submit a manual opt-out request. The site allows the user to send this information as a verification email. PeopleLooker will then verify the applicant's identity and confirm the removal. Afterward, the opt-out request will be processed.
  5. On receiving a confirmation email from PeopleLooker, the user should click the "Verify Opt-Out" link. After clicking this link, the information will be removed within 24 to 48 hours.

This opt-out service is available at no cost to members and non-members of PeopleLooker.

Afterward, the user can run a manual search to confirm if the selected information has been removed. To do this, first, clear the browser history to ensure that the computer does not recall old information. Then, the individual can type a name, email, social media name, etc., and use any of the search tools to find out if the deleted profile or information is still available. For example, the person can type a name into the people search tool to ensure that the information has been removed. If there are still issues relating to this, the user can send an email to for assistance.

To simply cancel membership plans, the user can send an email to or call customer support at 1 (800) 218 3309 to speak to one of the customer service representatives. When calling, individuals are advised to have their 9-digit membership identification number available. The request will result in the cancellation of all invoices associated with a user's membership plan.

Also, asides from BeenVerified, individuals who want to opt-out of PeopleLooker can use other third-party sites to remove their information from the site's database.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of PeopleLooker

An individual's major difficulty when opting out of People Looker is that the information may remain available on other data broker sites. Typically, when an opt-out request is processed, the site instructs all data partners and sources to remove the concerned record. However, the individual's details may still appear in PeopleLooker's search results even after opting out.

This is typical because Peoplelooker has multiple data partners and sources. Therefore, in some cases, one of these sources and partners may provide a new record or information about an individual who requested to opt-out. This new record may be impossible to match to the deleted record; hence, it remains in the database and available for public inspection.

Overall, although opting out of Peoplelooker is a fast and straightforward process, a user's privacy is not guaranteed. Therefore, there may be a need to manually remove personal information from the other websites that have it.

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