How to Opt Out from People Search Now in 2021

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Peoplesearchnow is an online people search service that offers background information on individuals residing in the U.S. The site provides various look up tools that web visitors can use to search for information on persons.

Generally, the site obtains data from public sources and other data brokers. The records available on the site are also publicly available data. The site may also aggregate information from social media profiles.

Web visitors can perform a people search with the full name, address, or phone number of the subject. The Reverse Phone Lookup Directory gives access to information of the owner of a phone number search. While with an address lookup, inquirers can get comprehensive information on the person's place of residence. Searches can be filtered by the city and state that the individual resides.

Typically, the information offered on the site that visitors can access by looking up anyone with the search tools include:

  • Full name of the person searched
  • Current and past residential addresses
  • Current phone numbers and other associated phone numbers (work and home lines)
  • Age
  • Email addresses
  • Known aliases
  • Family relatives
  • Roommates and any other associates

While the information gotten from Peoplesearchnow is useful for finding people and other related actions, it is forbidden to use such details for employment reasons, credit checking or screening of tenants, and harassment or stalking of persons.

Peoplesearchnow does not own the data on its site. As such, individuals with any information contained in reports on the site can have them removed. Interested persons can follow the site’s opt out process to ensure that their information gets deleted.

How to Opt Out of Peoplesearchnow

Peoplesearchnow sources its data from publicly available sources, and the owner of any information the site provides can easily remove it by opting out from the site. The opt out steps can be followed to achieve this. However, visitors should note that the removal of their information from the site does not also remove it from other sources. Generally, some public records may be available to the general public if a court orders the sealing or expungement of such information.

To remove reports from the site and the information it contains, interested persons can perform the following steps:

  • Visit on a web browser
  • Go to the opt out page on the site
  • Tick the necessary boxes to agree to the terms and conditions
  • Provide a valid email address to receive a confirmation page
  • Complete the Captcha authentication
  • Click the Opt out my info button
  • Search the report to opt out by using the search tool, then click the View All Info button
  • Click on the Remove Record button located on the top side of the report, close to the subject's name. To delete it, stay on the Details page.
  • The site will send a confirmation email to the email address entered previously. Click the confirmation link sent once received
  • A record removal confirmation page will appear after, and this concludes the opt out request

After completing the aforementioned steps, the site removes the record within 72 hours. Persons that experience some issues while opting out from Peoplesearchnow can write to the site’s customer care service via mail or call them at:

Customer Care Mailing Address

People Search Now

P.O. Box 29502

Las Vegas, NV 89126

Phone: (888) 553-5506

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of Peoplesearchnow

While trying to opt out from Peoplesearchnow, it is possible for individuals to experience some issues that may impede the removal of their information. Typically, the opt out process is exclusive to the site and does not opt out the records from other online data brokers that also provide the information publicly. This is because the information is classified as non-confidential under the law or the individual willingly gave out such information through surveys and other related resources.

It may also result in the reappearance of information that had been previously removed from the site. Since the site consistently updates its database with publicly available information, it may aggregate new data on persons that have opted out from the site before. To make such records from being publicly available, individuals can get a court order to seal or expunge such information.

Visitors can make complaints on the site by completing and submitting the contact form or sending a written mail to the address:

People Search Now

P.O. Box 29502

Las Vegas, NV 89126

Phone: (888) 553-5506

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