How to Opt Out from Persopo in 2021

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Persopo provides confidential, name-based, non-FCRA compliant background checks on persons in the United States. The result is the personal and contact information of the person of interest and associated public records. These typically include marriage records, divorce records, county records, social media profile records, incarceration records, and criminal records.

While Persopo offers access to personal and contact information directly on its site, it partners with other databases that provide access to associated public records. For example, Persopo does not provide vital records such as divorce records but directs interested persons to find the information. In delivering its name-based search, Persopo uses data collected from municipal, state, and federal databases and the web. Interested parties will need the search subject's full name and last known state of residence. The search result will return the following:

  • Subject's full name
  • Relatives
  • Address history
  • Age
  • Phone number(s)
  • Arrest records
  • Sex offender records
  • Criminal records

Persopo is a paid service. The site offers subscription plans that automatically renew at the end of the term. Users must create accounts by entering email addresses to download any search reports. Persopo is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Therefore, users may not use information obtained from Persopo for anything that requires FCRA compliance, including tenancy, employment, or insurance eligibility. Requesting parties may only use information obtained from Persopo for personal use.

When an individual uses or visits Persopo, the website automatically collects information such as the user's IP address, browser type, operating system, and internet service provider. Persopo ignores "do-not-track" requests on visitors and users' access devices and collects other non-identifying information. Persopo also collects information from users at the point of registration, including:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Payment information
  • Shipping information

Persopo does not retain payment information, as it processes subscriptions and payments through third-party processors. However, Persopo retains other user information and may transfer or sell this information to third parties. It is possible to delete some information off Persopo, including name, email address, and shipping address. Users can opt-out by requesting that Persopo not use any information that the users submit. However, users who opt-out will not be able to purchase membership subscriptions. It is also possible for non-members to delete personal information from the site. Interested parties can send opt-out requests to Persopo.

How to Opt Out of Persopo

Persons who do not want personal information displayed on Persopo may opt out. Persopo provides a simple and straightforward opt-out method for such parties:

  • Visit Persopo on a computer or a mobile device
  • Do a self-search on Persopo using first name, last name, and state
  • Select the result or listing that most match your personally identifiable information
  • Copy the full listing result text
  • Paste the listing in an email and send it to

Alternatively, print the listing information and mail it to Persopo at:

Attention: Opt Out Department

848 North Rainbow Boulevard, Suite 20

Las Vegas, NV 89107

It takes 10-20 business days for Persopo to complete opt-out requests. Once the request is complete, Persopo excludes the user's information from appearing on the database when it reindexes its database.

Meanwhile, Persopo ignores users' and visitors' cookie settings and automatically collects some identifying information. Persopo then logs the information, and third-party affiliates may collect and use the information for targeted advertising.

Persopo may sell, swap, transfer, or license users' personal information with third parties such as marketers, advertisers, list brokers, and other partners. Persons who want to avoid this monetization of their personal information must quit using Persopo or cancel their membership.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of Persopo

  • Manual opt-out, which is slower
  • Reindexing similar information on a person, despite an opt-out request
  • Continual use and monetization of the information pending removal
  • Long processing time for opt-out requests

Persopo does not offer an automated opt-out option. However, it provides a straightforward guide for manual opt-out. Unlike other services that update databases immediately or within 24 hours, Persopo takes 10-20 business days to complete opt-out requests, depending on the volume of pending requests.

Upon receipt, Persopo expunges the record from its proprietary database and forwards the opt-out information to its data providers to prevent future additions of the same information.

However, if Persopo receives new information about a person, it may add the information to its database. This reindexing happens in cases where the latest information does not match the old information. For example, if a person moves to a new state, has a different initial, or if the spelling of the search subject's name is different, it will count as new information in the Persopo database. Persons who find updated personal information on Persopo must send new opt out requests so that Persopo can remove the new information.

Besides personal information like names, email addresses, and payment details, Persopo automatically collects other tracking and personal identifying information from members, visitors, and website users. Such information includes IP addresses, timestamps, clickstream data, operating system, browser type, and internet service provider. Persopo by-passes cookie settings on user systems and logs the collected information. Persopo claims to use this data to improve its website for user experience and diagnose technical problems.

Persopo also allows third parties to collect personal identifying information from persons who visit or use the website. Persopo may sell, transfer, or license personal information to third parties. Persons who want to prevent Persopo from selling personal information may choose not to use the website or opt out of the website's services.

Interested parties may contact Persopo to update, access, change, or delete any information the site has collected in the course of usage. Typically, Persopo takes up to ten (10) business days to respond to such requests. Additionally, Persopo typically requests identity verification to process these requests. This is to ensure that personal or confidential information does not get into unauthorized hands. To access, delete, change, or update any information that Persopo collects, interested parties may contact Persopo customer support by email via Alternatively, interested parties may send a mail with required information and verification to:

Attention: Opt Out Department

848 North Rainbow Boulevard, Suite 20

Las Vegas, NV 89107

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