How to Opt Out from Truth Finder in 2021

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As a background search service, TruthFinder allows interested persons to search for public records and perform background checks. Through Truthfinder, users can locate information within the county, state, and federal agencies. Basically, any user can find almost any person in the United States. Notably, Truthfinder does not notify parties users conduct a search on and keep search history private.

Truthfinder searches millions of public records, social network data, and many more platforms to provide an accurate and exhaustive report about an individual that regular search engines can not access. Subscribers can access detailed information about an old schoolmate, social media connections, neighbors, unknown calls, and vacation buddies, using first and last names. Although TruthFinder membership gives access to many reports, members cannot use the platform to screen employees, tenants, domestic workers, or professional services providers. Also, it is not advisable to use TruthFinder to verify a person’s credit history or eligibility status before issuing insurance, loans, or credit extension.

Some of the details revealed on TruthFinder reports are family tree, contact information, business affiliation, criminal records, birth and death records, and social media records. TruthFinder is not free, but it is one of the relatively affordable public records search services. Users will need to pay to gain unlimited access to these reports. Usually, the platform charges $30 for monthly subscriptions and $23 for a three-month plan. Billings are automatic until the subscriber cancels the service via phone call.

However, Truthfinder forbids any search which purpose is governed by the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) as the platform is not a Consumer Reporting Agency. The TruthFinder membership cancellation process is simple. Subscribers can cancel online or over the phone by calling TruthFinder’s member support line at (800) 699-808 to cancel the membership plan. After cancellation, the repository sends a confirmation email within an hour, and records are removed within 48 hours of requesting cancellation.

How to Opt Out of Truthfinder

The services provided by TruthFinder are all safe, void of hackers and viruses. Also, customer’s information is protected. Connections on the site are encrypted with 128-bit encryption and validated SSL certificates. Nonetheless, users are presented with an option to opt out of the service anytime. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to opt out of Truthfinder.

A user can opt out of Truthfinder online, by mail, or by phone. To opt-out online;

  • Go to TruthFinder Opt Out Page and fill the form.
  • Then click on the “Remove This Record” button next to the correct report button.
  • Confirm the email address and click “Send Confirmation Email.”
  • Search for the confirmation email in your inbox or spam folder
  • Lastly, confirm the opt-out request by clicking the link in the confirmation email.

Interested individuals can follow these steps to opt-out via phone;

  • Dial the TruthFinder Member Support Care Team at (800) 699-8081. Using this medium, interested persons must provide information such as name, age, and address for easy access to the record.

Below is a guide on how to opt-out by mail;

  • Provide your first and last name, date of birth, city, state, address, and email address in a letter and address it to;


2534 State Str, Ste 473,

San Diego, CA, 92101

  • Apply postage to the letter
  • Once the request has been received, the record will be removed from Truthfinder.

Parties who opt out of Truthfinder will no longer have access to personal background reports.

In general, member’s information is only erased from the TruthFinder website and not from the official government public records databases. Hence, a member can opt out of the platform multiple times. To do this, concerned individuals must complete a separate request to delete their account on Truthfinder.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of Truthfinder

Since TruthFinder gathers public records from many sources, it might be difficult to pinpoint reports correctly as a result of multiple records. For this reason, it is likely to find more than one result of an individual’s first and last name in the directory.

In the case of multiple results, the affected party must submit a separate request for the report that needs to be removed. Therefore, subscribers are always advised to provide the first and last name as it appears on the website and include a valid email address alongside the deletion request. The more accurate the information provided is, the easier it is to locate the report.

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