How to Opt Out from US Phonebook in 2021

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USPhonebook is an online free service that allows the public to conduct a reverse phone number search. An individual will be allowed to conduct a reverse phone book search using any of the different 413 area codes in the United States phone system, the name if known, or the address. However, this search is non-Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant and cannot be used to make any FCRA decisions. Also since it is not a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) provided for under FCRA, it cannot be used to verify employment, credit report, tenant screening, or any other purpose stipulated in the FCRA.

Conducting a search on USPhonebook either with the use of phone number, name or address will provide the user with information like the name (personal or business), phone numbers (acquired from landlines, cell phones, business, and residential phone number), addresses, relatives, type of phone

USPhonebook collects information to improve service quality for its users using a variety of technologies which includes cookies, beacons, tags, and scripts. This technology collects certain information when a user visits the website. This information includes:

  • Personal information listed in the California Customer Records statute (Cal. Civ. Code § 1798.80(e)) like the name, email address, address.
  • Device identifiers are used to collect information on the device being used to access the website, the IP address, or any other unique identifier. This device identifier can also identify the regional location of the user.
  • Protected classification characteristics under California or federal law like the age of the individual when using the service
  • The use of the Internet or other similar network activity like the Google analytics premium feature which collect data using the Google advertising cookies and other anonymous identifiers,
  • Geolocation data which collects information like the addresses of the individual in the city and state

The website allows information about the user's activity to be accessed by advertisers and other third parties websites using tracking technology. The information they access is sometimes used to decide the type of ads the user will see when using USPhonebook. It is important to note that the USPhonebook does not have any control over the information collected by either third-party websites or advertisers. The user has the right to opt-out of the sale of personal information to third parties by using the 'Do Not Sell My Personal Information' option on the websites.

Apart from the opportunity to opt-out of the sale of information to third parties, a user can apply to have their records maintained on the website blocked. By using the opt-out option, the user can have their personal information blocked from being searched.

How to Opt-Out of USPhonebook

USPhonebook maintains an online procedure that allows its users to carry out an opt-out request. The opt-out procedure will automatically apply to both advertising and request to have their profile removed from the website. To remove a record, follow the following guidelines provided below:

Step 1

Go to the USPhonebook website and scroll to the end of the page. The "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link is at the bottom of the page. Then click on it.

Step 2

On the Do Not Sell My Personal Information, the user has to agree to the terms and conditions

Step 3

Then enter a valid email address

Step 4

The user must complete the Captcha challenge after filling in their email address

Step 5

Click the 'Begin Removal Process' button

Step 6

The user has to find the desired record by searching. After that, they are to click the "VIEW FULL ADDRESS & PHONE" button

Step 7

The next step is to click on the "Remove Record" button which is located at the top of the page near the subject's name. It is important to note that the user has to be on the "details" page for them to remove the record.

The website then sends a confirmation mail to the submitted email address. Once sent, the user has to click the confirmation link in the email.

They do not accept opt-out requests via fax, mail, or in person. The option to remove a record is free on the website and once the user has clicked on the confirmation mail, the record will be removed within 72 hours. If the user experiences any difficulty or for further questions they can contact the USPhonebook via email by completing the online contact form.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of USPhonebook

The process to opt-out is done online and the website is easy to navigate. All requests are done online, the office will not accept fax, mail, or in-person requests. Once the confirmation email has been clicked, the process of removal is done under 72 hours by the website. USPhonebook will only however process the request of the affected individual who seeks to have their information removed. Due to this, they may ask for further identity verification to verify the request, like providing information that matches the information they maintain. The information used for verification is used for that sole purpose, nothing else. The website retains the sole discretion to reject an opt-out request.

It is important to note that the website may retain some information for recordkeeping. Also, there may be residual information that will remain on the USPhonebook database that may not be removed or changed.

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