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We may update or change this document without advanced notice. Every time an amendment is made to this document we will revise the "last

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Consumer Privacy is our mission and it is at the core of everything we do at DeleteRecords. Our beliefs that consumers are entitled to their privacy and the option to opt-out is ingrained in our corporate structure.

Information Collection & Use

To help explain our data practices as clearly as possible we have devised user data into two separate categories.

Passive Data

As a standard practice, in order to provide our subscribers with the best possible user experience we collect passive user data automatically. Passive data is typically used to automatically respond to user interactions during a web session, identify browser compatibility issues, technical errors and help drive technological improvements to our user interface/websites.

Passive user data usually consists of various identifiers such as browser type, device type, operating system, region, language preferences and servers. Passive data is aggregated through the use of session ID and tracking cookies.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user's device for record-keeping purposes. To track sessions, a web session ID is stored in a visitor's browser. A session ID cookie expires when you close your browser. Tracking cookies may remain on your device/browser for an extended period of time. Since tracking cookies data doesn't change, these tracking cookies will not interfere with your browser, device or user experience.

Accepting cookies will give the user best experience while browsing the website using any of the customer interface tools and requesting assistance with any of the product offerings.

Declining cookies could potentially interfere with your use of the site and all that the service has to offer. For example, Cookies enable the website to recognize your device and the browser being used and automatically optimize the website and the subscriber interface to ensure you are not presented with a version of the website and subscriber interface that is incompatible with your device and browser.

You are free to decline cookies by changing your browser settings to block/reject all cookies or cookies from the website. Please kindly note when using multiple devices, if you do choose to opt out of passive data tracking you must restrict the use of cookies on each and every device separately.

Personal Data

DeleteRecords collects personal data on our current, potential, former subscribers, users and visitors.

How Personal information may be collected and used:

  • Through Communication & Support Requests In order to contact DeleteRecords and communicate with our support staff or any of our team members you may be asked to provide your name, email address, phone number and in some instances mailing address. This information is used for the purpose of establishing a line of communication between DeleteRecords and yourself. We may collect any other personal information you voluntarily provide in your communication/support ticket request for the purpose of assisting you with an issue, rendering desired service or helping you familiarize yourself with the service.
  • Through Purchase & Subscription When you purchase one of our service subscriptions you will be required to provide us with personal information such as your billing related details. Please note that we do not access or collect any of our subscribers' financial information, including credit card numbers or any other billing information. All of our transactions are processed reliably and securely through Stripe, our dedicated bill processor.
  • Through the Service Fulfillment Process You may choose to provide your personal information directly to DeleteRecords through a service or a support request. By submitting your personal information for the purpose of data opt out/removal services you are employing DeleteRecords to act on your behalf to work on removing your personally identifying information from various public records search websites and advocate for your privacy. This personal information is only used in the process of removal of your personal information such as name, phone, email, address, and other lifestyle details from data aggregators and third-party websites. For a list of all data broker websites we cover, please visit Please note: some data brokers will require proof of identity in order to remove your personal information off their websites. For this reason, we may require that you submit an identifying document such as a state issued ID or a passport along with your personal information. All identifying documents you provide through the data opt out request process is ONLY used for the purposes of removing your personal information from data brokers websites that require proof of identity in order to process opt-outs.
  • Through Authorized Third Parties We may collect your personal information from authorized third-party sources. We may collect your personal information when you access our services through third party applications such as an app store. We generally collect information about you from that Third-Party application that you have made public via your app store/platform privacy settings or have otherwise allowed us access through the initiation of a service or a support request. This information may include your name, user name, gender, birth date, email, profile picture. This supplemental information may help us in the facilitation of third-party data removal/s and related services.

We do not treat our subscriber's personal information like a commodity. Your information will NEVER BE SOLD or shared with any unauthorized third parties.

Data Brokers & Third-party Websites website may contain links to third party websites not owned or controlled by DeleteRecords. DeleteRecords does not have a direct relationship with third-party data broker websites displayed or referenced on any DeleteRecords webpage. DeleteRecords will not be held liable for any claims made by any third-party website. DeleteRecords will not be held responsible for the privacy policies or any content displayed shared or disclosed through third-party websites, applications and social media platforms. Please be aware that any personal information you choose to voluntarily provide to any third-party website you do so at your own risk.

From time to time, we may employ the help of third parties such as Google to better understand our user's interactions with the website and services. Through the use of these third-party tools, we may collect non-personally identifiable information (Passive Data). This information typically includes internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, operating system, date and time stamps. This information does not identify individual users and is solely used to improve our products and services. It helps us make improvements in form of service, design, code, content and process updates. It also helps us identify potential bugs and user experience issues. DeleteRecords use of information received from Google will adhere to Google Services User Data Policy.

In addition to Google, DeleteRecords may also use other third-party services to collect passive user data. This data is mainly used to render services, improve user interaction with the DeleteRecords app's and web-based platform. The data may also be used to track down technical issues and file internal bug reporting. Some Personal Data may also be collected by advertising partners over time and across different website platforms for interest-based target advertising purposes. As mandated by state and federal laws all third-party advertising partners must offer an option to opt out. DeleteRecords will never share subscriber Personal Data with third parties for their own marketing purposes.

If you chose to purchase any of the services offered on the website your purchase will be processed through a third-party bill processor such as, PayPal, Apple App Store, Stripe and Google Play. These third-party services may collect certain (Personal Data) financial information for the sole purpose of facilitating the payment process enabling DeleteRecords to activate subscriber's account and rendering the desired service/s as itemized prior to payment. For latest service offers please visit:

Subscriber Authentication & Security

In order to protect DeleteRecord subscriber's privacy all active subscriber's are required to submit two forms of authentication in order to gain access to the DeleteRecords member's area. Two form authentication is also required when accessing or changing any personal data.

Subscriber authentication includes a valid username/email address to which the account is registered as well as the account password. Should you forget your password you may use our Forgot Password feature to reset your password securely through an automated system. You may also contact our support staff for additional help.

To prevent unauthorized access to subscriber account and search history we strongly urge subscribers to take steps to keep their account login information safe and secure.

If you feel that your DeleteRecords login information is compromised we urge you to reset your password by visiting You may also request a temporary reset by contacting one of our Customer Support staff members from the email address associated with your account.

Our support staff is strictly prohibited from processing or releasing any user personal information without user authentication.

User authentication is required when requesting access to any subscriber's personal data. In most cases our support staff is able to authenticate a user when the support ticket is initiated from the email address to which the account is registered. When contacting support from an unrecognized/unregistered email address additional account holder authentication may be required to locate the account and authenticate subscriber. Additional authentication for support requests originating from unrecognized emails may include account holders valid order/receipt number and date of purchase.

We urge subscriber's to refrain from submitting any billing or personal data or billing support requests via voice mail message. Our support staff does not have access and is restricted from collecting any of our account holder's billing information, including credit card numbers. Voice mail messages are not automatically paired to the subscriber's username/email address or order number to which they may possibly belong. Due to the difficulties related to matching the users account ID through data submitted through voice messages we are unable to authenticate account holder through voice mail alone.

We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect your personal information. By providing Personal Data to DeleteRecords you agree that we may use this information for the purpose of electronic communication, processing service requests, administrative purposes and issues relating to your use of the site.

All order forms are encrypted through the implementation of secure socket layer technology (SSL). However, please be advised that while we make every effort to ensure the integrity and security of our network and systems, we cannot guarantee that our security measures will prevent unauthorized access, hacking, data loss or other breaches from ever occurring. Please bear in mind that it is highly unlikely for your information to be compromised in any way through the use of any of our services. In an unlikely event of a security system's breach, we may attempt to notify you electronically by posting a notice on the Site or sending an e-mail to you.

Right To Access And Removal Of Personal Information

DeleteRecords is a paid service allowing subscribers to remove their personal information from over a 100 data brokers through an automated and manually assisted internal opt-out request process. We work on the subscriber's behalf by advocating for their privacy and submitting opt-out requests to each data broker that is actively displaying personal data matching our subscriber.

DeleteRecords does not have direct access to any third-party data broker databases and is unable to provide any personal data that may be stored, shared or sold by any data broker.

Subscribers may request access to their personal information collected through the process of rendering service/s. Subscribers may also submit a request to DeleteRecords to amend or restrict the use of subscriber's personal information. Subscribers can submit their requests by visiting Be sure to include your full name, email address as listed on your DeleteRecords member's account. Such request will be processed in line with local laws.

DeleteRecords will make good faith efforts to provide individuals with access to their Personal Data however, there may be rare cases in which DeleteRecords is unable or is legally restricted from providing such access. Access to Personal Data may be restricted due to but not limited to: legal privilege and disputes. An explanation why the determination has been made to restrict access to personal data will be provided when requested by registered subscriber.

General Disclosure

By visiting our website or subscribing to any of our services you agree to this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of this website or services constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy and any updates.


As an internet-based business the most efficient communication method is email however, you may reach us by phone during normal working hours.

In order to receive emails from us you must be opted in to the email communication system. To change your email opt in status you may use the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of the email. You may also change your email opt in status directly from the subscriber portal. Please kindly note that you will continue to receive automated transaction related email notifications as part of the sale/service process. To reach us visit: