How to Opt Out from All Area Codes in 2021

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AllAreaCodes is an online resource center designed to assist users in locating details about area codes in the North American Numbering Schedule. Users of this site can identify both local and international dialing codes, and Canadian area codes. These area codes can be found by state, phone number, or city. AllAreaCodes is a free service; the owners rely on income from advertisements to fund their operations. AllAreaCodes also has a reverse phone lookup service that allows users to identify the owners of over 90 million phone numbers. Even if a person cannot locate a registrant, the system automatically redirects the user to sites that can help find the information. AllAreaCodes does this by bringing up a list of premium sites and comparing them in terms of cost and effectiveness to help users make informed decisions.

Founded in 2002, the organization has over 190 million visitor searches, with positive reviews about the organization's services. When anyone visits or uses the AllAreaCodes website, it saves information about the visitor per its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. For example, when an individual registers on the site, subscribes to a newsletter, responds to a survey, or fills out a questionnaire. The user is, however, free to browse the site anonymously.

All the information gathered is used to improve the AllAreaCodes website, personalize user experiences, and send emails to subscribers. This information may include:

  • Cookies: Cookies are used on the AllAreaCodes website to store a user's unique information (e.g., passwords and browser data). This is done to improve user experiences. For instance, to personalize the types of ads that appear, improve the speed at which pages load, etc. By setting a browser to block or deny cookies before visiting the website, a user can prevent AllAreaCodes from collecting this information.
  • Usage Data: This is anonymous information gathered by AllAreaCodes when a user visits the site, such as the user's domain server, IP address, device model, and web browser.
  • Personal data: To use some services, an individual must typically submit specific personal, financial, business, demographic, or contact data. This includes names, addresses, genders, zip codes, credit card numbers, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, and more.

AllAreaCodes also uses this data for third-party transactions. This means that, in the organization's dealings with advertisers, it may release user information, which lets advertising companies know how to target a particular user with promotions.

Furthermore, AllAreaCodes retains the right to reveal any user's personally identifiable information as needed by statute. This occurs when AllAreaCodes believes that disclosure is necessary to protect the company's rights or comply with a legal procedure.

Members of the public can quickly remove personal data collected by AllAreaCodes. However, for information collected by third parties, AllAreaCodes cannot lend assistance in deleting personal information or opting out of services, as it has no authority in that regard.

How to Opt-Out of AllAreaCodes

Users who do not want to have their names or details exposed on AllAreaCodes can opt out manually. Typically, AllAreaCodes deletes these records within a few business days. Below are guidelines on removing information from AllAreaCodes:

  • On the AllAreaCodes website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Remove Name" link.
  • The site will redirect the individual to a new tab. There, fill in personal details such as a name, email, and phone number in the blank spaces provided.
  • Check on the box to ascertain that the information provided is correct and the request is not being made without the profile owner's consent.
  • Perform a CAPTCHA and click "Submit."

After submitting, a pop-up will inform the user that AllAreaCodes will delete the user's data in a few working days. It also states that AllAreaCodes does not possess control over how the search indexes work. As such, the user's data may remain on other search sites affiliated with AllAreaCodes for a while before the record is updated. In a situation where a user still finds personal information that should have been removed, the individual can contact AllAreaCodes through at or send a request to AllAreaCodes mailing address:


17209 Chesterfield Airport Road

Suite 143

Chesterfield, MO 63005

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of AllAreaCodes

Opting out of AllAreaCodes is easy and should take just 24 hours, as stated on the organization's website, but in reality, it takes much longer than that. When an opt-out request is processed, the system notifies the data partners to remove the record from future search results.

However, even if a person has opted out of AllAreaCodes, their name can still appear in search results. In this case, it is advisable to return to the site after two or three weeks to ensure that the information has been removed. If it has not, the individual can make a complaint by clicking the contact us button. The user can also contact AllAreaCodes by email at or send a mail to the following address:

17209 Chesterfield Airport Road

Suite 143

Chesterfield, MO 63005

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