How to Opt Out from Arivify in 2021

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Arivify provides property records to the general public. Interested persons can obtain information concerning properties located in a U.S state.

Generally, Arivify aggregates property information from state and county public records databases maintained by public officials. Ordinarily, the recorder's office, registrar of deeds, or county clerk are responsible for managing property records in their jurisdiction.

Arivify is useful to property owners, investors, and real estate agents. Visitors to the site can search properties by the state and city in which they are located. The search can also be narrowed down with the property owner's last name and the street address. Information that users can get after searching include:

  • Name of the property owner
  • Street address
  • The city and state where the property exists
  • Zip Code
  • Land use code
  • Land use description
  • Appraised valuation
  • Assessed valuation
  • Line valuation size
  • Property assessment, description, and attributes (the year it was built, number of rooms, and other related information)
  • Use of the property
  • Ownership history
  • Information on nearby properties

Arivify is available to the general public for free, and users can search for property records without restrictions. Here is how to search for a record on the site:

  • Select the U.S state to search. Upon selection, the cities located in the state will appear in a dropdown menu.
  • Select the city to find a property.
  • In the search box, input a last name or street address, and click the search button.

Although the site generally does not gather information from web visitors, it may use certain information collected during registration, newsletter signups, and survey questions to improve user experiences. It also uses cookies to recognize the web browsers of the visitors. However, visitors can disable the cookies feature from their web browser settings.

Information obtained from Arivify the site should not be used to determine a person's credibility to purchase or rent a property.

Property owners can delete their records from Arivify. The site has an opt-out feature that concerned persons can use to remove any profile containing their property records and personal information. Individuals can also seal or expunge such information from government databases via the procedures outlined by the records custodian.

How to Opt-Out of Arivify

Opting out of a property record from Arivify deletes it from the site and makes it inaccessible. However, since the website gets its data from third-party sources, deleting information from the site does not automatically remove it from other third-party sites that perform similar services.

Individuals who intend to remove their property records profile from Arivify can perform the following steps:

  • Visit on a web browser.
  • Choose the state that the property is situated.
  • Choose the city and click "View Records."
  • Locate the address of the property and select the profile containing information on the property.
  • Copy the profile URL from the web browser URL box.
  • Go to the site's Remove Profile page.
  • Input a full name, email address, and the profile's URL in the appropriate boxes.
  • Click on the "Remove Profile" button and complete the CAPTCHA.

Upon completing the opt-out process, the request goes under review, and the site deletes the profile within 24 hours. Individuals who find multiple profiles containing their property information must tender separate opt-out requests to delete their information.

Persons with inquiries concerning the opt-out process can contact Arivify customer service by sending an email to For more information on the terms guiding the removal of property information on the site, interested parties can visit the removals page.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of Arivify

Arivify allows individuals to remove profiles containing their property records to prevent stalking, harassment, domestic violence, and any other endangerment from a breach of privacy. However, opting out information on the site does not remove it from the source. Property records will still be available at the local tax assessor's office and can be inspected or copied by the public.

When Arivify posts property records on its site, search engine bots, like Google, can gather this information and index it in search results. This may result in the property records' profile links appearing in these results even after removal from Arivify. It may take a while for the information to be completely removed from the search engine results page.

Since Arivify regularly collates information from public records, new information on real estate properties, mortgages, and other property data can appear on the site even after deleting the previous records. To avoid this, interested persons can revoke public access to property records maintained by the official record custodians by sealing or expunging them. This will also ensure that such records also become unavailable to third-party sources.
Property owners that encounter difficulties in removing their property records on Arivify can lodge their complaint via email to

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