How to Opt Out from California Engineering in 2021

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California Engineering is a web platform that displays information on registered engineers in California. California Engineering’s repository has hundreds of thousands of engineer records. The platform curates its data from official government websites and other complementary data sources. California Engineering updates this information every two to four weeks to provide recent records to the public.

California Engineering helps users verify the license status of engineers in the state by checking if their licenses are revoked or canceled. The platform also confirms if engineers are licensed, deceased, or retired. Furthermore, users can:

  • Check the renewal status of an engineer’s license---if expired or soon to be expired.
  • Read reviews on engineers listed on the site as previous customers are encouraged to write reviews on hired engineers.
  • Look up new service providers in the state.
  • Search for a particular engineer or partner to confirm their license, grant date, expiry date, etc. (for other engineers).

The website also has some information on how engineers can become licensed in California. According to the site, engineers must have a college degree, pass two competency exams, and obtain an engineer-in-training certificate to qualify them for six years of supervised experience.

Users of California Licensing can “browse” through the site to find a list of engineer licenses in the state or go through the “status” section to view cleared, deceased, delinquent, revoked, or denied license holders. The browse feature also allows users to search a list of all engineers in the state to see their phone numbers, addresses, reviews (if any), and their current status. This information is good for individuals who come to the site searching for an engineer to hire. The site’s engineer records are detailed enough to help users decide the best engineer to engage. The address records of engineers are also provided so that users can factor location into their choices and contact engineers who are close to them.

It is possible to remove one’s information from the website by sending an email request to California Engineering.

How to Opt-Out of California Engineering

The process of opting out of California Engineering is relatively easy. Engineers listed on the site do not need to state any special reason for opting out of the service as the site will process all requests made regardless of the reason stated. However, the site strongly dissuades engineers from opting out of listings. Listed engineers must first confirm that the listing exists before send an email request. Opt-out email requests must be sent to

Here is a step-by-step guide to opt-out from the California Engineering service:

  1. Go to “California Engineering” on your web browser.
  2. Search for your listing on the site using the “Enter name” tool.
  3. Find and copy the ID on the record. The ID can be found at the bottom right-hand corner of the license page.
  4. Compose an email requesting removal of the license page, including the ID and URL of the listing, and send it to

California Licensing processes opt-out requests immediately. A confirmation email is usually sent to the applicant once the removal is done. Note that the email address used during the opt-out process will not be sold or used for any other purpose without the owner’s prior consent. Payment is not required for the removal of a listing from the site.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of California Engineering

Opting out of California Engineering is simple and can be done between 24 to 72 hours. When an opt-out process is confirmed, California Engineering notifies other data sources to prevent them from returning any record similar to the one removed from its site.
If a confirmation email is not sent after making an opt-out request, applicants may send their queries via email to or send a follow-up request to

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