How to Opt Out from California Brokers in 2021

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California Brokers is a private, profit-based service that enables users to search and view California real estate broker records. It verifies the license status of service providers or business partners. Users can easily check the license registration details of brokers on the platform, as it categorizes the license status of brokers as follows:

  • Revoked
  • Deceased
  • Expired
  • Surrendered
  • Voided
  • Licensed
  • Suspended

People can also find new service providers in their neighborhoods and write or read other customer reviews before engaging them. California Brokers gets its information from official government records, in addition to other data sources.

Typically, users can carry out searches by entering the name of the broker whose information they seek into the website's search bar. Each search result displays a copy of the broker's ID card and summary of the broker's license, whether it's active, suspended, expired, etc.

Though the search bar is used by people who have a particular broker they need information on, users can still search by location for reliable brokers close to them. The website lists the different cities and towns of a U.S. state, and categorizes brokers according to their locations.

Brokers who want to confirm the license status of their partners or employees can also use this site to get the information they need. The records on the website are generally updated every two to four weeks.

Individuals listed on California Brokers can opt-out of the website and remove their listings. However, note that deleting any listing will prevent others from verifying the broker's license through California Brokers. The website does not require payment to opt-out, neither does it require a specific reason for delisting a record.

How to Opt-Out of California Brokers

California Brokers provides an email opt-out option for people who do not want their personal information displayed during background searches and other types of searches. To opt-out of the California Brokers website, individuals can send emails to A requester may have to include the record’s ID (shown at the bottom right corner of a California Brokers license page).

Below is a guide on how to opt-out or delete an account from California Brokers:

  1. In the address bar of your web browser, visit
  2. Enter your name on the website to find the listing.
  3. Check the ID on file, shown at the bottom right-hand corner of the site's license information page.
  4. Send an email to requesting the removal of your details.

Usually, the company starts processing opt-out requests as soon as they are received and sends a confirmation email to the applicant once the removal is completed. The removal process takes about 24 hours. Afterward, an applicant must search the site again to verify that the listing has been deleted. Note that the email address provided during the opt-out phase is not sold or used for any other purpose without the user's prior permission. There is no fee charged for requesting that a listing be removed from the California Brokers site.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of California Brokers

Opting out of California Brokers is a straightforward process. However, when an opt-out request has been processed, others can no longer verify the license of the individual who opted out. Generally, the processing time to remove a record is between 24 to 72 hours. Applicants who do not receive an email from California Brokers confirming the removal may direct their inquiries to
The California Brokers site usually sends email notifications to data sources after the removal process is completed to prevent them from updating the site with the person's information again. However, users who have opted out may still find their records in the site's search results. In these and other related cases, they can contact California Brokers for more information or email with a follow-up application.

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