How to Opt Out from Criminal Pages in 2021

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Criminal Pages is a non-FCRA web-based application that enables members of the public to perform criminal background checks for free. The site grants interested parties access to a database of over three hundred million criminal public records. As stated in its Terms of Service, Criminal Pages is owned by Infotracer.

The website offers a range of background search services, starting with a neighborhood check tool that allows individuals to compare their cities' economic and crime rates with the national average. It also provides a sex offender check to determine if a person has been convicted of a sex offense and be aware of any convicted sex offender living nearby. Next is the criminal records search tool, which returns the following information:

  • A complete record of an individual's felony convictions (murder, drug, assault, robbery, etc.).
  • A complete record of an individual's misdemeanors.

Other search services offered by the Criminal Pages include:

  • Access to information on an individual's probation and parole violations
  • Arrest records
  • Conviction records
  • Inmate records

Individuals who no longer want to be listed on Criminal Pages search results can opt-out of the service using a simple process. According to the website's Privacy Policy, it offers this removal option as a courtesy to protect people's privacy. Typically, the requester will have to wait for 30 days for the removal request to be processed and the relevant information removed from the website. Alternatively, interested persons can get their records deleted from Criminal Pages through InfoTracer. Some third-party sites may also provide this opt-out service.

How to Opt-Out of Criminal Pages

Criminal Pages allow individuals who want to remove their information from the website to do so by completing and submitting an opt-out form. Members of the public can also delete their records by sending a written request by mail or fax to the Data Management Department of the company.

Individuals using the online opt-out form must provide a first name, last name, city, and state for Criminal Pages to locate and remove the appropriate record.

Persons submitting a written request must include the same information and a valid means of identification. This can be a driver's license or other state-issued identification cards. Doing this helps speed up the removal process, ensuring that Criminal Pages matches the correct record to the requester. It is advisable to redact or obscure the photo and identification number on the card before sending the request.

Also included in the mail or fax should be a reason for the opt-out request. Below are some sufficient reasons:

  • The requester is a federal, local, or state enforcement official. Hence, the information could result in death, bodily harm, or the threat of it.
  • The requester is an identity theft victim.
  • The requester faces a risk of physical harm.
  • The requester has proof that the record is either expunged, sealed, or incorrect.

Afterward, the individual may fax or mail the written Data Removal Request together with proof of identification and copies of a court order (if applicable) to (617) 507-0410 or:

Opt-out Compliance Department (Criminal Pages)

P.O.Box 130369

Boston, Massachusetts 02113

All concerned parties should note that the fax number above is dedicated only to issues concerning opt-out requests.

Requesters can also hasten the removal process by providing the company with the record's URL link. The data removal process takes 30 days to complete.

As an alternative option, members of the public may remove their records from Criminal Pages by removing them from InfoTracer. To remove a listing from InfoTracer, the interested individual must use the website's opt-out procedure. Once this is done, the requester has to wait for 72 hours for the data to be removed.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of Criminal Pages

Among the difficulties that exist when opting out of Criminal Pages is the 30-day waiting period before a requester's information is removed from the site. This can present an inconvenience for people who want their information removed immediately. To avoid this, a person can choose to opt-out via InfoTracer, which will ensure the record is removed within 72 hours.

Another is the unavailability of other handy opt-out methods such as email or telephone.

Presently, Criminal Pages only processes fax and mail requests.

Also, data removal requests submitted without details such as the requester's date of birth, address, name, and proof of identification may not be approved.

Generally, Criminal Pages only removes details such as a phone number, residential address, and name from its database. Also, note that the website's opt-out process cannot remove listings from the databases of other data brokers. The procedure can only remove the requester's information from the Criminal Pages website.

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