How to Opt Out from FL Voters in 2021

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FLVoters is a website that provides information on registered voters in Florida. Visitors to the site can obtain a voter's list from different years. Typically, FLVoters collates publicly available data from the Florida Department of State and disseminates it to users at no cost. By searching records on the site, an individual can obtain the following:

  • Full name of the voter
  • Date of birth
  • Florida voter ID number
  • Party affiliation (Democrat or Republican)
  • The registered address of residency
  • Gender
  • Previously registered voter's information

Users can search for Florida voters' records in alphabetical order or download the registered voters' data for a particular period. The site also offers an analysis of registered voters' data.

FLVoters also has a free reverse telephone search tool that interested individuals may look up phone numbers by Florida area codes. The site gathers this data from the telephone numbers that voters voluntarily filled in their form, which becomes publicly available information. Visitors can click on a particular area code to access telephone numbers and view an owner's information.

Anyone with their voter registration data listed on the site can have it removed by opting out of the site. The site's Removal Policy allows Florida voters to request their voter's record to be taken down from the site. However, note that such information is classified as "public" under state laws.

How to Opt-Out of FLVoters

To remove voter information from FLVoters, an individual has to opt-out of the site. The site has a removal policy that outlines how to achieve this. Alternatively, individuals who qualify for the public records exemption under the Florida state laws can request removal from the Department of State. This request can suppress their addresses and other personal details that are publicly available.

There are two ways by which voters can remove their information from FLVoters. The automated method has the following steps:

  1. Visit the Requesting Removal page with a computer web browser.
  2. Search for the voter's information to remove.
  3. Input the 9-digit Florida voter ID as it appears on the result of the search.
  4. Provide your date of birth, starting with the year, month, and day (YYYY/MM/DD).
  5. Enter the last name that appears on the voter's record listed on the site.
  6. Tick the box to confirm the information provided on the request removal form.
  7. Complete the robot test and click "Send."

Individuals must enter accurate information to facilitate the removal process. Afterward, the site will process the removal request and delete the listing from its database.

Alternatively, web visitors can download the .rtf or .txt file, enter the necessary information and have it notarized, and send it via mail to:

Tom Alciere

PO Box 106

Nashua, NH 03061

The mail can also include a photocopy of their voter information card provided to them when they registered for elections.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of FLVoters

Although opting out of the site is pretty straightforward, there is no way of knowing when the requested listing will be removed. The site does not provide this timeframe to avoid any liability for failing to remove any voter information after promising to do so.

Moreover, the removal of a record does not guarantee that it would not reappear on the site. A Florida voter record removed from the site may reappear if the individual registers for another election, as the site collates registration data from publicly available sources. Apart from that, multiple listings of an individual's voter data may emerge on the site for different registration periods.

Furthermore, the removed information may still be available on search engine results pages after removing such information from FLVoters. Usually, it is because the search engines have not yet updated their indices. However, once they refresh, this information will clear out.
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