How to Opt Out from Gov Registry in 2021

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GovRegistry is a non-FCRA compliant provider of public records. The website holds over one billion records which can be viewed by any individual with an internet connection. These records include county court records, appellate court records, address histories, nationwide court records, federal and state sex offender registries, and state and federal prison data. The site allows users to run instant background checks, people searches, reverse phone lookups, and more.

GovRegistry aims to be an all-in-one source for public records. Due to the wealth of information available on this website, its most common use is running background checks. A background report constitutes the following information about a subject:

  • Criminal records (misdemeanors, traffic violations, felonies, convictions, sex offenses, or parole violations, etc.)
  • Full legal name and aliases
  • Occupation
  • Phone numbers
  • Marital status
  • Property records
  • Divorce and marriage records
  • Address history (including a current address)
  • Family members and acquaintances
  • Warrants and arrest records
  • Date of birth
  • Business or employment information

With the website, users can compile relevant data on an individual. This helps save time, money, and effort. The data on the site is frequently updated and sourced from government or third-party websites.

GovRegistry also has a reverse phone number lookup tool that allows users to search for unknown numbers and find valuable information about the owner. For example, users can find information on prank phone callers, unlisted phone numbers, and computer-generated calls. They can discover who initiated the call, where the call generated from, the telephone carrier that manages the phone line, and whether the caller used a landline or cell phone.

Compared to other existing service providers and websites, GovRegistry offers a relatively affordable service backed by a reliable customer support team. Instead of weekly or monthly payments, the site offers an unlimited plan for a competitive annual price.

Despite all the services rendered, the site recognizes that users may want to protect their online privacy. As such, GovRegistry offers a way to opt-out and remove information from its database at any time.

How to Opt-Out of GovRegistry

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), members of the public may opt-out of GovRegistry under the following conditions;

  • The individual is a law enforcement officer of the state, local, or federal government, and because of their position, the information exposes them to harm.
  • The individual is an identity theft victim.
  • The individual has evidence that the record is incorrect or expunged.

If any of these conditions are met, the party can initiate the opt-out process by submitting the following information:

  • A written explanation for the request. It should:
  • Identify at least one of the four conditions stated earlier.
  • Specify details and location of the data on the website, where it is publicly available
  • Describe why the exposure of such data is inaccurate and harmful.
  • Full name and any aliases
  • Date of birth
  • Current address
  • Previous addresses
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • A copy of a recent driver's license or other state identification. This is necessary to authenticate the request and ensure it is made by the owner of the information.
  • A printout of the record(s) the individual wishes to remove.
  • Copies of any applicable court orders or judgments.

This request can be submitted to the following fax number or mailing address:

Opt-Out Compliance Department

Fax: (888) 446-1229

Mailing address

Opt-Out Compliance Department

P.O. Box 990142

Boston, MA 02199

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