How to Opt Out from Grey Pages in 2021

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GreyPages is a simple reverse phone number lookup tool. When used, the search engine shows the details of the person linked to a phone number. The site provides this service at no cost to the public. Therefore, querying parties do not have to pay for a subscription or register for a user account to access the site's content. In this sense, it is different from other phone directories like Whitepages, PhoneCheckPro, or other data broker sites that offer reverse phone lookup services, such as Centeda or Spokeo.

GreyPages compiles contact information from various sources to offer a phone database accessible by every member of the public. All anyone has to do to use the phone lookup tool is input a 10-digit telephone number, and the search engine will return the following information:

  • The phone number owner's name
  • Street address
  • City
  • State

Individuals can also use the site's "browse" tool to find the person behind a phone number. This feature groups phone numbers by area codes (the 200s to 900s) and prefixes, thereby allowing a user access to a list of phone numbers and their associated names, street addresses, cities, and states, sorted alphabetically by first names.

In accessing or using the site, individuals may have certain personal and nonpersonal data collected by GreyPages. According to the site's Privacy Policy, this may include:

  • Information provided when joining the site's email newsletters, such as a name or an email address.
  • Information on how people use or visit the site.
  • Non-identifying information such as a user's IP address, browser type (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc.), internet service provider (ISP), operating system (OS), visiting time, and the pages visited on the site.
  • Cookies: These collect information on a user's personal preferences when browsing the site.

Also, as GreyPages allows ads on its site, third-party advertisers, like Google, may collect the non-descriptive information of users with cookies, web beacons, or JavaScript. The reason for gathering this information is to analyze the efficacy and reach of advertisements, and target users.

Data broker sites like GreyPages do not control the activities of third-party advertising businesses or networks and, therefore, cannot provide users with an opt-out option. Nevertheless, individuals can take action themselves and control ads using the AdChoices or NAI (Network Advertising Institute) Consumer Opt-Out tools. Google also offers instructions on how to stop seeing or block certain ads.

Members of the public can opt out of GreyPages easily. This means removing a phone number listing from the site's directory. Opting out prevents other people from viewing the information subsequently as the site will only return "Unlisted" in search results.

How to Opt-Out of GreyPages

GreyPages provides individuals with an opt-out procedure to secure their online privacy. This procedure can be completed on the website, and the listing will be removed immediately. Below are the steps to opt-out of GreyPages:

  1. On a web browser, type into the address bar and press "Enter" to open the site.
  2. Click "Removal" to open the opt-out page. For persons using a computer, "Removal" will be located at the top right-hand side of the homepage, next to "Home" and "Contact." Other persons using smaller devices or minimized web browsers will find the "Removal" link by clicking the button with three vertical lines.
  3. On the opt-out page, input a 10-digit phone number and click "Opt-Out."

After clicking "Opt-Out," the page will refresh, and a notification will inform the requester that the phone number has been removed. The phone number's name, address, and location will now show as "Unlisted" on the site.

Unlike other data aggregator sites, anyone can remove a listing from GreyPages. The requester does not need to be the phone number's owner, provide an email address to process the request, or wait several hours or several days for the record to be deleted.

Users can also deactivate their GreyPages email subscriptions through their email providers by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link. This link is typically located at the end of an email from the website.

GreyPages does not indicate how an interested party may prevent the company from selling their information. However, GreyPages claims to never sell this information to third parties per its Privacy Policy.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of GreyPages

Although GreyPages' opt-out process is uncomplicated and immediate, the major drawback is the existence of a person's phone number on the site, even after completing the process. That is, GreyPages will remove the name and address associated with the phone number, but the number itself will remain on the site. At first glance, this does not present an issue, but as the website allows anyone to edit a phone number, it lays a foundation for false or misleading information.
Usually, in these cases, the concerned individual would contact the customer support team directly to remove the phone number, but that raises the second issue—the unavailability of contact information, or an address. Presently, the GreyPages team can only be reached by submitting a form provided on the website.

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