How to Opt Out from Identity Pi in 2021

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IdentityPi is a website that allows individuals and companies to carry out comprehensive background checks, simple information searches on people, and also pre-employment background checks. The site is over ten years old and is sponsored by BeenVerified. The site's charges are moderately affordable, and the interface is easy to maneuver. The site gathers information on individuals from local and nationwide government repositories. It also uses information from secondary data sources and other online sources that provide the kind of information listed on the site. The site includes background information on all individuals located in any state in the United States of America.

The site has different search sections dedicated to 'comprehensive background checks,' 'national criminal check,' 'people search,' and 'business pre-employment checks.' According to the website's terms of service, individuals are not allowed to use the site to:

  • look up their employees
  • stalk their spouses or celebrities
  • screen tenants
  • look up people's email addresses
  • harass or blackmail people
  • or access sensitive information like a person's call log, credit score or steal a person's identity.

Users can search for people by typing out their first name, last name, and state in the search bar of the website's home page. To remove a person's information from the IdentityPi website, individuals have to send an email to or call (888) 366-5029. Requesters can also contact the BeenVerified service to take down their information.

How to Opt-Out of

All applications to remove information from the IdentityPi service are redirected to the BeenVerified site. This is because BeenVerified sponsors the IdentityPi service. BeenVerified provides a detailed opt-out process for users that want their criminal background information taken off the site. Applicants may also reach out to the customer support unit of the Identity Pi service to remove information from the site. Requests should be sent via email to or phone at (888) 366-5029.

Further down is a step-by-step guide to opt-out and clear all accounts from the BeenVerified/IdentityPi service:

Step 1

Search for BeenVerified using your web browser.

Step 2

Search for the 'Do Not Sell My Info/Opt-Out' icon under 'Help,' these icons are displayed at the very bottom of the page.

Step 3

Go through the BeenVerified portal to find the desired first and last name.

Step 4

When the results come up, select the desired record by clicking the arrow-like icon on the search results' right-hand side.

Step 5

Input your email address, and click 'Send' to finalize the opt-out request.

Step 6

Afterwards, enter the required verification email the services require to verify the removal of the record selected from the search results.

After the request is sent and received, applicants receive an opt-out confirmation email confirming that the request went through. Opt-out requests usually require about 24 hours for processing and confirmation. When the 24 hours required time elapses, applicants may search through the site to confirm that the BeenVerified service removed their information from the two platforms. The removal may not immediately reflect on the site when using the same computer because of cookies saved on the computer. Make sure to 'clear your history' in the browser settings to avoid seeing information the computer previously stores and recalls. This information was most likely cached before the 'Do Not Sell My Info/Opt-Out request.' All issues or complications applicants encounter may be sent to the BeenVerified customer service office through email at, via phone at (866) 885-6480, or by mail at:


MSC 49098

P.O. Box: 105168

Atlanta, GA 30348-5168

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of

The opt-out process of IdentityPi appears to be difficult, but it is not. Once individuals can clear their information from the BeenVerified services by following the previously stated steps and contact the customer support of IdentityPi they can quickly get their information off the site. The site doesn't use email addresses used during the opt-out process for any secondary uses or sell them to external parties.

Individuals may direct all issues or complaints experienced during the opt-out process to or via phone at (888) 366-5029. It is worthy to note that BeenVerified only allows people listed on the site to remove one account per application. To have more than one account taken off the site, contact the customer service office of BeenVerified to have all accounts removed via email at, or phone at (866) 885-6480, or by mail at:


MSC 149098

P.O. Box: 105168

Atlanta, GA 30348-5168

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