How to Opt Out from Notaries California in 2021

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NotariesCalifornia is an online database that grants individuals access to aggregated public records of notaries licensed in California, USA. The platform provides public and personal information about licensed notaries and how they can be contacted for their services. The database has the information of about 209,729 notaries licensed in California, and it provides the following additional services:

  • It verifies their license and confirms its status
  • It checks the license’s registration and renewal details
  • It helps site visitors to find a service providers, usually a licensed notary closest to them
  • It provides real reviews from other site visitors to guide people’s decisions when hiring a service provider.

Personal information found on this platform includes the notary's full legal name, a brief summary about the individual and their license status, their location, other licensees with similar names, license number, and license expiry date.

The information on NotariesCalifornia is primarily sourced from official government records and supplemented by other data sources. However, users are strongly advised against using information from this site as a substitute for official verification of license status. This is because, although Notaries California data may be accurate, it might not always be up to date. The information on the site is updated every 2-4 weeks and it might not always cover events around notaries in real-time.

Notaries California is an essential database for regulating and controlling the activities of notaries in California. Notaries are individuals who witness the signing of important legal documents. Through this action, they lend legal credibility and a more “official” designation to the signed documents. These documents usually include government paperwork, financial documents,  divorce papers, mortgage documents, business contracts, affidavits, deeds of trust, power of attorney transfer, etc.

In California, a notary public is required to complete a state examination to become recognized as a credentialed professional that verifies identities and witnesses official signings.  Due to the delicacy and importance of their roles, the Secretary of State in California directly regulates and certifies this profession. The State mandates that notaries must be at least 18 years old and legal residents of California. The secretary of state` who administers the examination also maintains that they must conclude a 6-hour training course and background checks.

Therefore, committing notary misconduct willfully or negligently could have severe penalties for the notary and clients alike. Consequently, the NotariesCalifornia platform ensures that the public has access to the relevant information they require to avoid such misconduct. For example, if an unlicensed Notary with an illegible or expired notary seal notarizes a document, the document will be rejected. NotariesCalifornia ensures that users are in the know about a notary’s license status to avoid such issues.

How to Opt-Out of NotariesCalifornia

Although NotariesCalifornia discourages licensees from delisting their profile and opting out of the platform, it provides users with a means of removing their information. Opting out of the platform will mean that users can no longer access the licensee’s listing and will therefore prevent others from verifying their notary license.

To proceed with the removal, the user can send an opt-out request via email directly to

The individual has to follow these steps:

  • Search for their listing on
  • Locate the listing of choice and click on it
  • Copy the URL of this listing and include it in the email
  • Also, include the record ID. This information is usually located on the bottom right corner of the user’s license details block.
  • Then, send an email to requesting that the included information is removed
  • The listing should be removed as soon as the email is received.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of Notaries California

NotariesCalifornia is a data broker site that posts personal information online. However, it allows users to protect their online privacy by accommodating information removal requests. Regardless, in most cases, the opt-out process is not foolproof, and it does not entirely remove data from the internet and other data sources.

When Individuals apply to become notaries, they provide the Secretary of State's office with personal information about their identities, location, and profession. This information immediately becomes public information according to the Freedom of Information Act. That is, the records are subject to public review, inspection, and even distribution. Therefore, even if the information is removed from the NotariesCalifornia database, it might remain accessible on request from public agencies or other third-party websites.

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