How to Opt Out from NumberGuru in 2021

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NumberGuru is a reverse phone directory. It is a data broker website that prioritizes ‘uncovering' cell phone & landline numbers. It does this by providing phone number reports with the following information attached to a phone number:

  • The caller's location (NumberGuru database only contains information about United States phone numbers  and others that are part of the North American Numbering Plan.)
  • Caller's name
  • Caller's age
  • Caller's address
  • Caller's social media profiles.
  • The phone carrier
  • Other complaints and reviews about a number. (The website allows users to leave comments so that others would know more about a caller).

NumberGuru is associated with one of the most significant information brokers in the United States, BeenVerified. Therefore, it sources most of its information from BeenVerified, public websites, and other third-party sites.Generally, it is simply a caller ID and reverse phone service, helpful in identifying phone numbers. Its database constitutes publicly available sources of information aggregated and intended for personal individual use rather than professional purposes. The company's primary mission is to keep the public informed about phone numbers, especially unwanted and unknown callers.

Due to this fact, it is easy to mistake number guru as an investigator service, which it is not. NumbergGuru is not a private investigator service and is not a consumer reporting agency per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Therefore, information procured from this website cannot be used to make delicate decisions about employment, educational opportunities, consumer credit, insurance, tenancy, or any other activities that would require FCRA compliance.

Despite providing generally public information, NumberGuru ensures that online privacy is protected. As a result, searches conducted on this platform are confidential. Hence, phone number owners are not notified of the search. Also, users of NumberGuru have the Right to ask the company not to sell their information. This is also known as the Right to opt-out. The company, through BeenVerified, accommodates requests to opt-out/not to sell/share such information.

How to Opt-Out of NumberGuru

NumberGuru provides users with the Right to delete and the Right to ask the company not to sell. They allow users to opt-out of their services and keep their personal information from being sold. Users that wish to remove their personal information from the site can visit the Opt-out page.

Otherwise, they can remove their information by doing the following:

Step 1

Visit the official website,

Step 2

Click on the 'Do Not Sell My Personal Information' link on the page.

Step 3

After clicking this link, the page will be redirected to BeenVerified. (Beenverified manages NumberGuru's opt-ot requests).

Step 4

On this page, click on the 'Do Not Sell My Info' button

Step 5

Input your first and last names and state. Then, click the 'Search' button.

Step 6

On finding a matching result, enter an email address for verification and perform the CAPTCHA

Then, click the 'Send Verification Email' button to submit the opt-out request

Finally, will send a verification link

Click on the 'Verify Opt-Out' button to confirm the opt-out request.

Additionally, instead of initiating this process through NumberGuru website, sers can directly remove their information from BeenVerified. Then can initiate the process via similar steps as bove. After verifying the process, the company will send another email confirming that the selected record has been removed. They will also instruct all data partners to remove the listing and ensure it is not returned to the database in the future.

Also, the opt-out process is completely free, and users are not required to pay to remove their records from NumberGuru and BeenVerified's people search results. The process may take between 24-72 hours to take effect. Afterward, when the servers have  been given enough time to refresh,  users can verify the opt-out by searching the database.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of NumberGuru

NumberGuru obtains its information from BeenVerified and several different public and private databases. As a result, its information is spread across different platforms. Therefore, opting out from one of these sites may not mean complete removal of the information from the internet. For example, opting out of BeenVerified removes the information from NumberGuru and other private sites associated with BeenVerified. However, the listing or information may remain accessible via other public websites and data broker sites not affiliated with NumberGuru or BeenVerified.

Also, typically, when opting out of NumberGuru and BeenVerified, the companies instruct their data partners to take down the listing. However, on some occasions, data partners may provide a new record about the entity that requested to opt-out. This record is usually slightly different from the already existing and removed record. Hence, it is treated as a separate record entirely. For instance, it might contain different name spellings, initials, and different combinations of information about the entity.

For these separate records, the entity has to initiate and request another opt-out process to remove the information from the database. Notwithstanding, Beenverified only permits users to remove one record from its people search results through the online Do Not Sell My Info/Opt-Out process. To remove the other records, the user must contact the company directly via

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