How to Opt Out from People By Phone in 2021

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PeopleByPhone is an online database that allows its users to conduct a search using a phone number. The database will allow its users to search using any USA or Canadian phone number. The search result will provide its user with the name, address, email, and social profiles of the entered phone number. All information obtained from PeopleByPhone is non-compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). In this stead, the information PeopleByPhone provides cannot be used for any FCRA related reasons like insurance, employment, or personal credit.

Users of this service can only use the desired phone numbers to search. The result is acquired from a phone book listing, social media profiles, and other public or privately maintained databases.

Users of PeopleByPhone will use their information when subscribing. The information is collected and used by the website in the process of using the services it offers. The information may include:

  • Personal data which the subscriber provides voluntarily when completing the registration
  • Comments uploaded on the website which is put up for public display
  • Subscription payment information such as the credit card details, bank details, and any other available financial information
  • The subscriber's internet activities, which includes browsing cookies, browser histories, third party ads clicked on during the use of the service,
  • The subscriber's device information includes their internet service provider, IP address, login attempts, and the date and time of log in.

For privacy and security, PeopleByPhone provides its users with the option to remove their personal information from their database. All information relating to the subscribers obtained from either a public or private source can be removed. However, the information may continue to exist on third-party websites and other government websites, that PeopleByphone has no control over.

How to Opt-Out of PeopleByPhone

PeopleByPhone has a removal feature that allows its subscribers to opt-out of their services. By opting out, they will be removing their information from their public record database. PeopleByPhone will require the user to fill out an opt-out form. After filling the form, the removal happens immediately. To opt-out the subscriber should take the following steps:

  1. Visit the PeopleByPhone website and search for their number
  2. The result will bring a listing, the subscriber should copy and paste the URL of the profile.
  3. Then navigate to the footer of the page and on the extreme right, there is a removal option. Select the removal option which takes the user to another page.
  4. On the removal page, the user must enter their name, phone number, then paste the copied URL, and enter a valid email. It is important to note that while filing the box, the user must not use dashed or space.
  5. The user will be required to enter a reason for removal
  6. Complete the reCAPTCHA, and click “Remove Information”.

Once the request has been submitted, it is reviewed and immediately removed from their database. Removal of records does not require any form of payment. The removal service needs to be done once, and the database will not maintain any of the user's records again. However, to confirm, the user can search again after clearing their browser history to ensure the cached page will not return.

For further assistance, the user can contact customer care at (406) 350-4008. Otherwise, they can fill a contact form online. PeopleByPhone does not accept opt-out forms by mail or fax, all requests are done online.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of PeopleByPhone

There is no complication or difficulty when a user opt-out of PeopleByPhone. The service is also free and once the user clicks on remove information, they remove the information immediately. However, when the information remains on the database after submitting the online opt-out form, the user can make a complaint. contact customer care at (406) 350-4008 or fill the online contact form.

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