How to Opt Out from People Search Site in 2021

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Peoplesearchsite is a commercial data site that provides online people data to interested persons. The site offers comprehensive information reports on individuals that contain personal details it organizes on its database.

Generally, the site sources information it posts from public and commercial sources. The owner of such information may have permitted the sharing of such information on these sources.

Upon visiting the site, visitors can search a person by their full name and the state they reside. Visitors can also obtain information by selecting a particular U.S State and city/county to look up persons living in different areas located there.

The data offered by the site are personal details including:

  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Credit range
  • Education history
  • Profession
  • Marital status
  • Residential address
  • Religion and ethnicity
  • Property ownership titles
  • Hobbies and Interest
  • Associated telephone contact
  • General financial information
  • Credit card and purchase behavior

Generally, visitors may use the site without divulging any personal information on it. However, visitors that choose to provide any personal details for particular actions may have such information stored by the site. Furthermore, the site automatically collects other information from visitors such as IP addresses, browser type, internet service provider, and cookies to gather particular reports for analytic or service-based purposes.

Information collected from visitors is retained by the site without disclosure to the general public, except if such is required by law or satisfies a legal process. Only visitors aged thirteen years on age and above have permission to use any resources on the site. Likewise, Peoplesearchsite does not collect information on individuals aged thirteen and below.

Information organized on Peoplesearchsite can be removed by their owners. Typically, anyone that sights their data on the site can opt out to delete it by following the process. However, such details may also be available publicly or commercially on other platforms. More information on how to opt out is available on the People Search Site Privacy Policy page.

How to Opt Out of Peoplesearchsite

Upon finding their personal information on Peoplesearchsite, visitors can decide to have it removed by opting out of the site. This will result in the site deleting the listing. The opt out process involves some steps to achieve the removal of the listing that contains the information. These steps are:

Step 1

Visit on a web browser

Step 2

Use the lookup tool on the homepage to search for the listing with the information to opt out

Step 3

Click the listing from the results of the search

Step 4

Scroll to the bottom right of the listing and click on the 'Remove (the name) from people search site' button

Step 5

Click the opt out link process on the popup page

Step 6

Enter an email address to confirm the request and to receive a confirmation link on

Step 7

Check the email inbox and click on the link sent to the mail

Completing these actions correctly will conclude the opt out process. The site will delete the listing entered in the process. Individuals that experience any problems with the opt out procedure may contact the site at to lodge grievances.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of Peoplesearchsite

Generally, following the opt out steps on Peoplesearchsite accurately should remove personal information from the site. However, individuals should note that removing their details on the site does not automatically remove them from other third-party vendors or public sources. Usually, the custodian of the official record that is the primary source may provide a procedure to seal such details from public view.

It is possible to find multiple listings that contain an individual's personal information on the site. To opt out of all listings, visitors must go through the opt out process for each listing. The site does not honor automated or bulk opt out requests and this leaves visitors no choice but to individually opt out the reports.

Visitors may also encounter their information on different listings after removing previous ones on the site. This occurs due to such information being available on publicly or commercially available sources that the site aggregates its data. If new information on a person that previously opted out from the site is available on other public sources, it is probable for the information to be organized on the site's database.

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