How to Opt Out from Search Systems in 2021

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SearchSystems is an online platform that provides users access to public records that are not restricted from public access by state law or court ruling. Files available on the platform include property documents, recorded documents (deeds, liens, and mortgages), voter registration, death records, and vital records. This database provides different avenues where interested parties can search, depending on the information available at the user's disposal. With SearchSystems, users can search for public records by state, record type, county, city, zip code, or country. There is no need to create an account on the platform to perform a search.

The repository does not precisely hold any record of its own. Instead, these records are provided through links to governmental platforms that store this information, including county offices and state websites. For this reason, to effectively delete information from this database, an individual will have to go to the government office holding the record and follow the required processes to prevent public access to the information. However, not all public documents can be sealed or expunged. Another way to do this is to opt out of the SearchSystems platform.

SearchSystems offer two different service packages depending on whether the user is paying or not. There is a free package and a premium package. The free package allows access to public records, but the user has to search for the files only by city, county, or state individually to find the desired document. However, the premium package allows the user to conduct much more specific and comprehensive searches. SearchSystems respects the privacy of users and clearly outlines the use of information on their platform. The service does not disclose users' personal information to third parties and only allows users above the age of 18 to subscribe to their newsletter.

Having over 500 million criminal records in its database, SearchSystems can be used to conduct background checks. Interested individuals will have access to court files, inmate data, offenders records, details of parties in the correctional facilities, and fugitive data.

How to Opt Out of SearchSystems

SearchSystems provides an option for members of the public to request that a piece of information or more be removed from the service. The following are the steps individuals can take to remove their data out of SearchSystems;

  1. Go to the SearchSystems website.
  2. Search for the record you want to delete. Interested parties can search by using their name or address.
  3. Click the link to the information in the search results shown.
  4. Click on the address bar in your browser and copy the link to the page holding your information.
  5. Save the copied link.
  6. Think and adequately state the reason(s) you want the information removed from the platform.
  7. Go back to the homepage of SearchSystems.
  8. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click "Remove My Records."
  9. On the new page opened, enter your full name, email address, the link of the information (already saved), and the reason for removal.
  10. Click the "SUBMIT REQUEST" button.

It is vital that you provide your email to get a notification of the removal once the files have been deleted from the platform. When SearchSystems successfully removes the record, the files will no longer appear on the platform. A user does not need to create a premium account to request that information be removed, and the service is free.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of SearchSystems

Although the "Remove My Records" function on the platform is expected to eliminate any occurrence of your record, this is usually not the case for many who have requested such removal. Here is the reason;

Users of the platform may be able to find your information at a later time. This is not because SearchSystems did not delete your information initially, but because the government agency or office handling the data has made a new entry. However, organizations carry out this routine when such records become available to the public as required by law. Nevertheless, this new record may not bear any resemblance or be related to the former file.

Parties that seek a  permanent way to remove records from the platform can pay a visit to the offices or websites of the agencies holding the record.

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