How to Opt Out from Spyfly in 2021

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Spyfly is an online service that allows users to access public information and run background checks on people upon subscription. For new users, the platform permits a 7-day membership trial with full access to all services and records, after which they can choose to subscribe to the premium membership. On Spyfly, interested individuals can find different documents, including court records, criminal records, driving records, phone records, police records, arrest records, jail records, and felony records.

It is possible for parties subscribed to this service to carry out a self-search or a search on any other individual as long as the first name and last name of such person is known. Information found on the platform can help locate and reconnect with a former classmate or family member, research a new acquaintance and get an individual’s current address. Spyfly uses a system that has access to national and state databases, and information that would not readily be available through a regular internet search becomes accessible. The search results are even more specific and concise.

Governmental authorities which grant access to records share only public files with Spyfly. Members of the public can be rest assured that the information present on Spyfly are details permitted by law. However, users can remove their details from Spyfly.

How to Opt Out of Spyfly

Opting out of Spyfly service means removing your information from the result of any search performed on the website. Spyfly only honors requests for removing personal records, which means an individual cannot request the removal of another person’s file from the platform. To delete a file from Spyfly, interested parties must complete a verification test to complete the process. Parties can take the steps below to opt out of the service;

  1. Open your browser and go to the Spyfly website.
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the page until you find “Customer Support.”
  3. Under the “Customer Support” section, click on “Remove My Public Record.”
  4. On this new page, navigate to the last question; “Can I remove my friends or family members from the Spyfly search results?”
  5. Enter your first name, last name, age, current address, previous address, and email address.
  6. Complete the Captcha test.
  7. Click on “Verify Information.”

After completing the verification, Spyfly searches for all records pertaining to the requestor and adds such files to a list of documents that cannot appear in search results. When this is done, the platform sends an email to notify the individual that the records have been removed. Once the email is received, it means your record will be deleted in less than 24 hours. You do not have to be a registered member on the platform to request record removal, and no charges are required to complete this process.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of Spyfly

There have been individuals complaining that their records were found on the platform even after requesting to remove the files. There can be many reasons for this.

If a user checks the platform days after submitting a removal request, it is very likely that such records will still be on the platform as the service takes some days to remove the documents. Also, these details will remain on Spyfly even after the records have been removed until the website is updated. Therefore, it is usually best to wait until at least 24 hours after receiving an email confirming the removal before checking the platform to verify if the records are not there any longer.

Furthermore, even after completing the whole removal process, your records can still appear in future searches. This is because Spyfly relies on databases from other organizations. These repositories may provide access to information that is not precisely consistent with your data, for example, different initials or addresses. Since this does not conform to your information, the system will be unable to remove such records from search results as it believes the file is not yours. To avoid this, concerned parties can search the platform for your information regularly, and if records like these appear, they can repeat the removal process.

Checking the website often ensures that future records about users added to governmental databases will easily come to their notice. As such, interested parties can quickly move to remove such information. Parties who have any problem removing records from the platform can contact Spyfly by sending an email to or calling the support team at 1-800-831-9235.

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