How to Opt Out from USA Trace in 2021

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USATrace is a subscription website that provides information about residents of the United States using an extensive database that captures data from public repositories and internet data collection tools.

Additional services include background checks and access to public records. Users have only the first month free to conduct searches using social security numbers or personal data, i.e., names, phone numbers, and previous residential addresses.

As defined by state and federal laws, public records on this website include marriage records, divorce records, and criminal records. Interested persons can access this category of information without the consent of the person named in the document. However, for this reason, and concerns about accuracy, USATrace is not a Consumer Reporting Agency per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

The company disclaims responsibility for the accuracy of data generated on its site in its terms and conditions. Thus, the accuracy of non-FCRA compliant information on USATrace is subject to the accuracy of data sources and the user's skill in identifying the correct information.

While a user or visitors is on the website, the company collects various data classified viz-a-viz:

Direct information: This includes information supplied by the user.

  • Identifiers: These include usernames, postal addresses, email addresses, account names, and personal information categories under the California Civil code §1798.80(e).
  • Financial information: This refers to credit or debit card numbers in addition to billing information, i.e., name, address, and zip code.
  • Commercial information, i.e., records the user got through the website.
  • Internet and similar network activities: activity log or third-party personal information such as phone numbers or email addresses as entered by the user.
  • Geolocation data: city or state of user.
  • Professional or employment-related information: applicant reported information for users seeking employment with the company. Besides these, the USATrace maintains records of all feedback, ratings, reviews, suggestions, and ideas that users voluntarily provide.

Indirect information extends to those garnered by various data collection instruments such as cookies, beacons, scripts, and tags, etc. The user does not provide this information. Instead, it is the output of information exchange because of user data elsewhere on the internet.

Subscribers who wish to delete data the company has collected may request a deletion per the company's terms and conditions. However, all users and visitors must note that USATrace has an ongoing partnership with Peoplefinders, a premium subscription website for people searches and records. By implication, virtually all user information that USATrace collects is equally accessible to the partner company. Users seeking to delete records must keep this in mind when requesting to opt-out.

How to Opt Out of USATrace

Interested parties can get self-reported information deleted from the USA trace website in one of these ways:

  1. Send an official email request to
  2. Alternatively, parties can send a mail or call USATrace at:

QuickLocate LLC,

Mechanicsville, VA

Phone: (804) 442–6182

Note that USATrace can only process these requests if a user has an active paid subscription to USATrace services. Otherwise, the user must have the first month of free subscription. Parties must make a request for each case on the log of their activities on the site.

USATrace subscribers must contact the partner website Peoplefinders to request an opt-out because there is shared information between the websites resulting from their ongoing partnership. To delete personal information from a PeopleFinders account, users must log in first and then go to the dashboard and click the delete option. Users may also contact the admin section at

While it is possible to get self-reported data removed from USATrace, it may be challenging to remove third-party information entirely. Although the company may delete personal data from its site, non-government repositories of personal data can still retain them, making them visible on the internet. Users may have to resort to online data management by searching for their personal information using search engines.

Searches should return the web addresses of databases or social media sites that still hold their information. The user may check the privacy policy of the site and follow instructions regarding personal data deletion.

What Difficulties Exist when Opting Out of USATrace

Unless there are generalized setbacks on server activity, little difficulty exists when opting out of USATrace. Response time for different requests may vary depending on the type of request and the nature of the information to be deleted. Per its Terms of Service, the company restricts customer data usage to the services the company renders.

Exceptions to the rule are disclosure under applicable government laws and authority to release data to third-party requesters or service providers. Under its privacy agreement, USATrace is willing to provide customers the necessary cooperation in any effort to get a protective order. It is, however, at the customer's expense.

When it comes to removing self-reported information, parties go through a straightforward process. However, one request does not eliminate customer data for all activities conducted on the site. Thus, for every search conducted by a user, he or she must request to have self-reported information deleted per case. In other words, it is the responsibility of the user to keep track of his/her activities on the site.

Another hurdle for users is the need to duplicate their requests to remove or delete data with the partner website, PeopleFinders, under a different process and terms of service. Under the privacy policy, the partner website has separate guidelines for response times and conditions.

Additionally, both companies may retain certain information for record-keeping purposes irrespective of the removal request. Note, however, that such information is non-exchangeable or visible to the general public.

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